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Full Color | Car Decal

Full color decal with the S Shield or Spencer Tigerhead.


Instructions for Vinyl Decals

Surface must be clean and free of all moisture, oils, and dirt.

These decals come in two layers:

  1. The top layer is the actual decal.
  2. The bottom layer is a backing paper treated with a release agent.

You will need a credit card or a similar plastic squeegee. Decals are applied best at room temperature or warmer (not in direct sunlight). Turn decal upside down and pull backing off slowly. Hold edges of letters and all small areas while pulling away the backing.  Position decal and flatten from the center out. Use credit card to flatten as much as possible. The transfer tape will allow you to rub the decal without damaging it. Take your fingers and check all edges to make sure they are tightly applied.

Once the decal is applied, it cannot be moved again.

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